Why December May Be the Best Time to Buy a Modular Home

In the real estate industry, the holidays typically make for dismal sales. People are too busy hosting and attending parties to house hunt. But, if you can carve out some time between holiday gatherings, December may be the best  

An Affordable Housing Solution

Buying a conventional home comes with many hidden and/or unexpected costs that can make the prospect of owning your own home cost-prohibitive. Rather than settling for the renter’s life or downsizing your dream home until it’s no longer recognizable,  

Finding a Home for Your Modular Home: Mobile Home Community or Your Own Land?

Owning a home is an exciting and significant milestone in your life, and purchasing a modular home allows you to reach this milestone at a lower cost. But once you’ve decided to invest in a modular home, you face  

Our Favorite Three Home Decorating Tips

GettyImages 689372034 2 300x200 Our Favorite Three Home Decorating Tips

There are a lot of ways to make your modular home feel like your home. Fiesta Homes has a number of customization options so that your living space is tailored to your  

Are Mobile Homes Smaller than Traditional Houses?

Foreman Are Mobile Homes Smaller than Traditional Houses?The average size of homes built in 2013 reached 2600 square feet. Not only are these homes expensive, they’re difficult to renovate. You have to build one to specifications to get  

What You Need to Know about Mobile Home Flooring Options

flooring options 300x251 What You Need to Know about Mobile Home Flooring OptionsOne of the ways you can customize a new mobile home or update an existing home is to select flooring that complements the room and provides durable functionality. For the most  

Your Dream Modular Home is Yours! Now What?

Buying a modular home means you’ve just gotten your dream house. Now what you need to do is take steps to ensure your property is ready for it to be delivered and set up! What do you need to  

A Dream Home Can Be a Reality!

Owning your own home can be a hassle, especially when your search finds those that aren’t quite right. You need an extra bathroom? Is the living room just too small? When you’re selecting from prebuilt homes, you have to  

Mobile Home Financing Options – What You Need to Know

The 1990s were, in many ways, the heyday of home financing – and this extended to mobile homes. Since the housing bubble burst about 10 years ago, banks have become more reserved about their lending.

However, there are still plenty  

Do You Want To Make Money With Your Property? Consider Renting Out a Mobile Home

If you’re like many Las Cruces landowners, you probably have extra space on your property. Instead of letting it sit there unused, why not turn it into a simple way to generate passive income? One frequently overlooked but potentially