Are Mobile Homes Smaller than Traditional Houses?

Foreman Are Mobile Homes Smaller than Traditional Houses?The average size of homes built in 2013 reached 2600 square feet. Not only are these homes expensive, they’re difficult to renovate. You have to build one to specifications to get the layout that you want and the building can take months on end. Mobile homes are more readily available and reliable than ever, and at Fiesta Homes, you can even have customized floor plans.

Do Mobile Homes Have Similar Square Footage?

Most traditional homes have square footage over 2000 feet. Custom-designed homes may have much larger area and some urban locations have specific restrictions for the sizes of homes. A mobile home can, in fact, match the size of traditional homes. Many floor plans are available in a gradient of sizes, moving up from 1400 to 1600 to 2000 square feet and more.

Mobile homes can also be shifted from one property to another if your family needs to relocate due to lifestyle changes or employment; you won’t have to leave behind a house that’s become comfortable and familiar to your family. Nor will you have to downgrade in size to a smaller, traditional home.

Can I Select a Floor Plan?

Choosing a traditional home can be a mix of choosing from available houses and arranging to have one built. This means selecting a floor plan and waiting for the house to be completed. Mobile homes have the same flexibility without the extensive wait required.

Fiesta Homes does offer customizable floor plans for mobile homes, including homes that measure over 2000 square feet. Multiple bedrooms, layout options and more are all aspects that can be adjusted based on your desires. You can have a home that’s just as beautiful, large and customizable as a traditional home and for far less in price.