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For over 20 years, Fiesta Homes has provided southern New Mexico with high-quality mobile homes at affordable prices. We believe that it’s important to be honest and up-front about our pricing. We want you to know right away whether a particular home is in your budget, and listing mobile and modular home prices right on our site and our sales lot allows you to make an informed decision.

No Hidden Fees or Added Costs

You may notice that other companies may advertise super low manufactured and modular home prices. But when you look closer, you quickly realize that their advertised prices are only telling part of the story.

Other companies leave a lot of things out of their advertised prices:

  • Delivery costs
  • Site evaluations
  • Utility connection
  • Setup
  • Air conditioning
  • Vinyl Skirting
  • Service fees and other hidden costs

You won’t experience any of that with Fiesta Homes. The price we quote is what you pay – there are no hidden costs or surprises after purchase. And services that other companies charge a premium for are offered for free as a courtesy to all Fiesta customers.

How Can We Afford Such Low Prices?

Fiesta Homes is a family-owned local company. Since we’re small, we can afford to operate with tight profit margins, offering the best possible deals without marking up our prices to account for big corporate overhead. What does that mean for you? It means exemplary personal service, high-quality homes and always low prices.

Don’t be misled by our competitors – choose the mobile home company where you always pay what you’re quoted without any surprises. Contact us today for more information or stop by our lot to see what’s available!

Low prices and great service – that’s what you get from Fiesta Homes.
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* Prices are subject to change due to the volatility of material and transportation costs. Included delivery costs are subject to road conditions and closures.