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First of all, I would like to thank both of you for all the help you’ve given us in the many months it took to get our home set up! Alan you’ve always been there to answer any questions we might have and always had an answer. It was a pleasure doing business with you and the people involved. Hope you both have a great New Year of many to come!


Best Regards,
Keith & Claudia Duernick


Dear Alan,


Thanks so much for your help on the plumbing problem. They sent me a refund promptly. I am enclosing pictures of the property as you can see we’re pretty well set up. The rock skirting improved the look a lot. It cost $2,200.00 which I thought was very fair. The rock skirting is about 2ft. thick.
If you would like to have someone go through the house or need a recommendation just ask.


Don & Shirley Gohrs


Dear Mr. Davis,


Enclosed is my check for $200.00 which pays my final balance for the excellent Schult home. I enclose two photos of same. As the lot faces north, the front is in shadow, which doesn’t make for an attractive 8×10 picture for your wall. I am told that in summer the morning sun does illuminate this side. At that time I will take some additional shots to see if an improvement can be had. This takes care of OLD BUSINESS. When I next visit Las Cruces I will stop by to see you about NEW BUSINESS. Thank you for your patience re the enclosed.


P.S. Lorenzo and Rafael did great work!


Jack DeBlasi


To Fiesta Homes of Las Cruces,


We have looked and talked to many dealers and salesmen on homes throughout the Southwest. We purchased 2 homes from Fiesta and can only say thank you very much from A-Z. The folks stand out for quality and excellent service. A special thanks to Allan Davis for making my wife’s dream come true.


Thank you.
Silver City, NM