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Land & Home Package

Here in New Mexico, where it’s still possible to buy a plot of land for a reasonable price, land-home mobile home packages can be a tremendous value. Fiesta Homes loves setting our customers up with these programs as they offer all the benefits of a mobile home without their biggest drawbacks.

How Land Home Packages Work

When you buy a site-built home, the cost of the home itself is bundled with the cost of the land it sits on. This is important because it’s really the land – not the house – that appreciates most in value over time. Since mobile homes are frequently sold to be placed in trailer parks and other leased spaces rather than owned land, some mortgage companies are reluctant to finance them due to the lack of appreciable land.

A land & home package avoids this problem. By placing a mobile or modular home on a piece of land that you own, you close the gap in appreciation and value between manufactured housing and site-built housing. This makes it easy for new homeowners to obtain financing for these homes.

In general, when you obtain land-home financing, you’ll put the land up as collateral on the loan for the mobile home. Other types of financing may be available to help you buy the land you wish to use for your mobile home as well. Talk to us for your full options.

Which is Better?

Although a land-home package can be a great choice, it’s not right for everyone. In order to obtain land-home financing, you will need a patch of available land that can be used as collateral for the loan. Processing it also takes a bit longer than buying a home for installation in a mobile home park. Additionally, some people find that they prefer the amenities a mobile home park can offer and would rather find alternative financing in order to take advantage of these.

No matter what type of mobile home financing option you choose, Fiesta Homes can help. Let us know your budget and plans, and we’ll work with you to identify the best solutions for your needs. Call us today to discuss financing or to learn more about our available mobile homes.

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