Do You Want To Make Money With Your Property? Consider Renting Out a Mobile Home

If you’re like many Las Cruces landowners, you probably have extra space on your property. Instead of letting it sit there unused, why not turn it into a simple way to generate passive income? One frequently overlooked but potentially very valuable way of making some extra money is through rental properties, and manufactured homes make it easy to break into real estate.

How Can You Make Money with Mobile Home Rentals?

Renting out a manufactured home is no different than any other type of property management. Some people choose to break lots up into mobile home spaces, allowing potential renters to move their own homes onto the space. But you will open yourself to a wider range of potential renters if you have a manufactured home ready for move-in.

Right now, rental homes are incredibly popular. Almost 40% of people in the country choose to rent rather than buy their homes. And in Las Cruces, with the student population, demand for rental properties is always high.

Advantages over Traditional Real Estate

One of the biggest perks of buying and renting out a manufactured home is the cost involved. Manufactured homes can be purchased as-is from the lot or made to order to suit your specifications, and they’re more affordable than site-built homes.

Additionally, you have the convenience of placing the home anywhere you wish. Instead of having to drive around town looking for available real estate in a convenient neighborhood, you can install a manufactured home on land that you already own. Instead of waiting for a real estate opportunity to appear, you can create your own opportunities.

If you’re interested in purchasing a manufactured home – for yourself or for rental purposes – be sure to stop by Fiesta Homes to see what we have available. You can also browse available floor plans on our website or custom order a home to your specifications!