Our Favorite Three Home Decorating Tips

GettyImages 689372034 2 300x200 Our Favorite Three Home Decorating Tips

There are a lot of ways to make your modular home feel like your home. Fiesta Homes has a number of customization options so that your living space is tailored to your needs and preferences immediately upon move-in. But decorating can further reflect the uniqueness of you and your family. Here are our three favorite home decorating tips.

Tip #1: 70-20-10 Color Distribution

A fresh coat of paint can really change the mood of a room, but how can you add a bit more flare without overdoing it? The 70-20-10 rule can help.

The main color should cover about 70% of the room (in a square room, three out of four walls makes 75%…that’s an easy way to divide the space). To make the space look larger, opt for lighter shades that reflect more natural light.

The secondary color should make up about 20% of the color distribution, and 10an accent color should make up about 10% of the color.

In general, primary and secondary color distribution is done with paint colors. The accent color is usually added with decorative elements, like pillows, vases, wall hangings, etc.

Tip #2: The Rule of Scale

To prevent your space from feeling over-stuffed, select furnishings that are scaled to the space in which they will reside. In modular homes, over-sized sofas and large L-shaped sectionals may dwarf the rest of the room. The shape of your dining table or breakfast nook may be dictated by the way traffic is likely to flow through the room. Of course, there are exceptions. Sometimes you may want a larger piece of furniture or décor as a “statement piece.”

Tip #3: Wall Hangings at Eye Level

Whether you want to hang family portraits, art prints or other wall pieces, hang them at eye level. In decorator-speak, eye level (also called “gallery level”) is 57” from the floor. This is the point where you want the center of your piece to hang. When you are making a collage of framed photos or prints, create an arrangement on the floor first so that you can find the center of the entire collection and center it and evenly space individual pieces on the wall.