An Affordable Housing Solution

Buying a conventional home comes with many hidden and/or unexpected costs that can make the prospect of owning your own home cost-prohibitive. Rather than settling for the renter’s life or downsizing your dream home until it’s no longer recognizable, consider a more affordable option—a modular home from Fiesta Homes.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Fiesta Homes

Fiesta Homes offers both the modular homes and the services required to make customizing your

affordable homes An Affordable Housing Solutiondream home an affordable reality. When you choose Fiesta Homes, you benefit because:

  1. Our Homes Have No Hidden Costs
    While many home companies publicize low home prices, hidden fees might spike up their listing price. At Fiesta Homes, we do not have any hidden costs—you pay the listed price advertised. You will not discover latent surcharges for delivery, installation or other services like vinyl skirting.
  2. We Cover Construction Coordination
    After buying a mobile home from Fiesta Homes, we handle all the coordination for you. We obtain any necessary permits and work with the utility companies to ensure your home is set and set-up properly.
  3. We Are Insured
    Fiesta Homes is insured to cover your home until all installations are done. This means that if there are any damages during installation or delivery, we cover the cost of repairs.

Get Valuable Housing Solution

With about two decades of experience, Fiesta Homes offer high-quality homes to its customers in Las Cruces, NM and surrounding communities. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to provide you with ideas and resources to ensure that you get the best home that you deserve.

For the best, affordable housing solution, call us today!