Your Dream Modular Home is Yours! Now What?

Buying a modular home means you’ve just gotten your dream house. Now what you need to do is take steps to ensure your property is ready for it to be delivered and set up! What do you need to have done before it arrives to ensure that you’ll be able to move right in? Fiesta Homes has the information you need to get your land ready for your new home!

Know Your Boundaries

If your property isn’t fenced, you’ll need to know exactly where your property lines are. This not only helps surveyors locate the pipes for your plumbing, sewage and electrical lines, but it also allows you to have the land cleared to make room for your new home. This also gives you plenty of time to discover if there will be any land disputes before your home is delivered.

Level the Land

A foundation is necessary for the placement of your modular home. To have one dug and poured, you need your land to be cleared of plant life and leveled. You may be able to do the clearing yourself—removing excess plant life and debris—but you should hire a professional to handle the leveling. Without level ground for the foundation, the foundation itself can be compromised and damage your home as well.

Prep the Foundation

After the land is cleared and leveled, and you know exactly where the house is going to be placed, your general contractor should come in to dig and pour the foundation. This has to be precisely measured and laid out; once the foundation is poured, there’s no going back! It’s beneficial to be on-site for this so you can ensure everything goes smoothly.

Before the Day of Delivery

The site of delivery itself—your property—is usually prepared, but people forget about the surrounding area when it comes to getting ready for the home delivery. Make sure that your driveway is clear and that there is adequate space for your modules to be unloaded for the crane lifts to begin putting them into place.

Is your property located on a public street with neighbors? Let them know a few days in advance as to what’s going to be happening; this will give them time to arrange their vehicles in order to provide your delivery trucks and cranes room to maneuver. Make sure to leave your name and number in case accidental damage is done to someone’s lawn; it happens occasionally!

With the right preparation, you can enjoy an easy delivery day and soon be enjoying your dream home! Take steps and plan ahead of time to ensure you’re ready for your dream home to arrive.