Is Now A Good Time to Buy A Modular Home?

GettyImages 174695682 Is Now A Good Time to Buy A Modular Home?Many people have a dream of building a custom home but lack the funding or resources to see it through. Modular homes are a wonderful alternative, in this case. A modular home is constructed from pre-manufactured pieces, which ensures consistent, quality construction. Not only are these homes more affordable, they can also be erected on a much faster basis. Continue reading “Is Now A Good Time to Buy A Modular Home?”

How Will Modular Homes Be Used in the Future?

Modular Homes How Will Modular Homes Be Used in the Future?The modular home trend has been steadily increasing since the first kit homes were developed in the early 1900s. Modular homes are composed of different factory-built components (or modules) that are shipped to a construction site and assembled for the homeowner. This style of building offers many benefits; it’s cost-effective, consistent in quality, and entails less labor when it comes to construction process.

Because of their ingenuity, modular homes are projected to play an important role in society going forward. Here are just a few of their potential future uses. Continue reading “How Will Modular Homes Be Used in the Future?”

Financing a Modular Home: What You Need To Know

Financing a modular home in Las Cruces, NM, is not necessarily difficult, but it is different. In many cases, you can finance a manufactured home with traditional home loans from Fannie Mae, the VA, Freddie Mac and other agencies. However, your eligibility for financing really comes down your eligibility as a borrower, the age and type of structure you wish to purchase and whether the structure is considered real or personal property. If you wish to finance a manufactured home in New Mexico, here’s what you need to know. Continue reading “Financing a Modular Home: What You Need To Know”

High-Quality Mobile Homes—It’s What We Offer

Fiesta Homes is the Las Cruces area’s source for high-quality mobile homes.

But what does it mean to provide high-quality mobile homes?

At Fiesta, it’s more than 20 years of providing beautiful homes from top manufacturers with no hidden fees and full-service installation to our customers.

The Best Mobile Homes

At Fiesta Homes, we carry Karsten, Clayton and Tru modular homes, all Continue reading “High-Quality Mobile Homes—It’s What We Offer”

Are Manufactured Homes the Future of Housing?

manufactured home Are Manufactured Homes the Future of Housing?Although the American Dream has changed, for most people, it still includes home ownership. But, even with the economic upturn and the rebound of the housing market, traditional stick-built homes are still out of reach for many. Even those who can afford conventional homes may still be searching for an alternative because they cannot find the perfect home on the market or are not satisfied with the quality of homes built on-site.

So, if conventional construction is not meeting prospective home owners’ needs, what is?

Manufactured homes. Pre-fab homes that offer unmatched quality and virtually limitless customization options at a more competitive price than stick-built homes are Continue reading “Are Manufactured Homes the Future of Housing?”

The Benefits of Investing in a Manufactured Home During Winter

208 1 The Benefits of Investing in a Manufactured Home During WinterIs this the year that you have decided to make your dream home a reality? You can be in your new home faster than you ever imagined if you invest in a manufactured home now!

Your Manufactured Home Can Be Ready in Days

If you opt for a stick-built home and start now looking to buy or build, your new home will not be ready for months. Common reasons for the lag include:

Can I Move My Modular Home to Protect It from a Natural Disaster?

storm movement 300x201 Can I Move My Modular Home to Protect It from a Natural Disaster?Natural disasters affect every corner of the country, so no home is entirely immune to the threat or emergencies caused by catastrophes like wild fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. However, the threat of property damage that some natural disasters presents may be avoided by modular home owners because your home is mobile.

Types of Natural Disasters That May Be Avoided

In theory, you can avoid any natural disaster by moving if you have sufficient warning. However, rarely do you get sufficient warning. So, the natural disasters that can most practically be avoided are the ones that do provide some kind of advanced warning or are seasonally expected.

Take wildfires, for instance. Wildfires that threaten homes are typically spotted days, possibly even weeks before. In the meantime, crews are working to contain and/or put out the fire, which may extend the window for evacuation and modular home relocation.

If you plan ahead (see considerations below), you may be ready to move with less notice, making it possible for you to relocate your home upon hearing news of an inbound storm and/or flood warnings.

Considerations for Modular Home Relocation

Although modular homes are mobile, they are not easily relocated. It takes quite a bit of planning to execute a move, but saving your home from destruction from a natural disaster is worth the effort. Some preparations required include:

    Interior and Exterior Preparation: The physical movement of the home will trigger whatever is inside to shift. So, you must remove heavy, bulky and fragile items from the house. Since the home will be subjected to high winds (or the equivalent produced by highway travel), exterior decorations and skirting should be removed. Secure any loose item tightly. Explore your insurance options to see if additional coverage for damage during relocation is possible.

    Utilities: Ensure that all utilities are detached before moving to a new site. To avoid injuries, get professional help to handle dangerous utilities such as gas and electricity.

    Moving Companies: Get referrals from people you trust to avoid paying too much or hiring a company that does not have the right experience and/or capabilities to relocate a modular home.

    Get permits: Most municipalities require permits to relocate a modular home. Your moving company may be able to assist you with the process of getting permits for moving and relocating.

You should also familiarize yourself with laws and zoning regulations in the area to which you plan to relocate to avoid fines and penalties.

As New Mexico’s modular home experts, Fiesta Homes can provide you with vital information and resources for homeowners creating a disaster moving plan. Please contact us to learn more.

The Pros and Cons of Modular Homes

The past decade has seen many changes in what types of properties can be considered “home.” From the tiny house revolution to innovations in pre-fab and modular construction, there are lots of exciting choices to consider as alternatives to traditionally site-built timber-frame homes. Modular home construction has benefited from new technology and hybrid materials, and prices have correspondingly tumbled. For those of you considering a modular home, here are a few of the pros you should consider: Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Modular Homes”

How We Offer the Best Price on Your Modular Home

GettyImages 164113230 How We Offer the Best Price on Your Modular HomeFiesta Homes is the leader in high-quality modular homes in the greater Las Cruces area. We are a family-owned business, and that comes with a lot of benefits for our customers.

Because we are not corporate-owned, we:

  • Keep overhead low, and our low operational costs translate to better prices for our modular homes.
  • Maintain tight profit margins. Of course, we need to make money to stay in business, but we do not apply exorbitant markups to our homes, so they are affordable for most budgets.

The way we do business also benefits homebuyers: Continue reading “How We Offer the Best Price on Your Modular Home”