Modular in Design—It’s an Advantage

featured karsten bigtex Modular in Design—It’s an AdvantageFiesta Homes brings you modular homes from top-quality manufacturers. Because we’ve been in the modular home industry for nearly two decades, we often take for granted people know what we mean when we say “modular.” But new homebuyers or homebuyers who have previously only looked at conventional houses may not know. So, here’s what modular means and what it means for you…

What It Means to be Modular in Design

Products that are modular in design are fabricated using pieces—modules or skids—that are manufactured separately and (re) assembled into the final product in a different location.

Many common products implement modular design, such as:

  • Computers
  • Solar panels
  • Cars

Modular design can also apply to single-family homes. Modules are fabricated and pre-assembled in controlled environments and then sent to their final location for full assembly/construction.

Benefits of Modular Design

Modular design in general offers a number of advantages, such as:

  • Reduced costs because of:
    • Decreased differences in the range of parts
    • Efficient manufacturing process
  • Reduced design and installation time
  • Easy customization of standard product models
  • Easy replacement of worn modules/parts

Modular design in homes allows you to more easily incorporate upgrades and new features. Modular homes also offer superior quality because they are built in controlled environments, so they are not subject to deterioration from wind, water and sun exposure

To learn more about modular homes and the benefits they offer, please visit Fiesta Homes. We have a range of floor plans, premium features and financing options to make your modular design home uniquely and affordably yours.