Are You Done with Apartment Living?

GettyImages 471771674 300x200 Are You Done with Apartment Living?

With the academic year at an end and people getting “spring fever,” many apartment leases come due and people think about moving. But this spring could be more than simply a change from one multi-family housing complex to another. Why not consider owning your own home? Modular homes are affordable and offer a great value because of their superior construction, and Fiesta Homes can help you find the model that fits your lifestyle, family and budget.

Benefits of Ownership

Many people rent because they think they cannot afford a mortgage or the cost of ownership, but that may largely be a myth.

Modular homes offer mortgage terms that are comparable to moderate-range rents. Plus, when you own a home, you:

  • Build equity that you can borrow against for other large purchases
  • Are free of community rules that limit your décor options and lifestyle
  • Have more space between you and your neighbors

Because there is no property management company imposing charges and fines for all types of incidental expenses, home ownership can be more affordable on a monthly basis.

Benefits of Modular Homes vs. Existing Homes

If you’re finished with apartment living, you could search for a home the traditional way—by employing the services of a realtor, going to countless open houses and haggling with sellers over prices. Fiesta Homes offers a better alternative—a modular home.

When you invest in a modular home, you get a brand-new home. There are no expected costs to repair or update fixtures, and you get to select the floor plan and finishing touches, so it reflects your style.

Find Your New Home

Fiesta Homes offers a number of floor plans from top manufacturers in the industry. We offer financing with flexible terms to fit your budget. Contact us or visit us today to find your new home!