How Long Does A Modular Home Take to Build?

GettyImages 145130950 scaled How Long Does A Modular Home Take to Build?Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking for a change from your current home, modular homes have so much to offer. With a modular home you get to choose the floor plan of your house, as well as interior and exterior fixtures. You can also look forward to a much simpler design and construction process.

While traditional home construction is associated with an extended project length, which often becomes even longer as complications arise, modular homes can be designed, planned, and constructed on a much shorter timeline. Here’s what you can expect when having a modular home built for your family.

Planning & Design

Choosing a floor plan is often the first step in the process, one that requires a lot of thought. For example, the size of floor plan you choose must match the size and layout of your property. You may also want to customize your floor plan, which makes your modular home unique to your tastes and style. This part of the process can take as little as one week or several weeks to complete depending on your input. Your modular home company will also need to apply for permits to work on your property, which adds to the planning and design time.

Site Evaluation & Preparation

Similar to traditional home construction, the property where your home is being placed will need to be surveyed and evaluated. Land clearing is also performed, which can entail removing rocks, tree stumps, and other impediments. From there, soil is graded so the ground beneath your modular home is level. Some modular homeowners also choose to have a concrete slab poured before the home is constructed. In general, the site evaluation and preparation process usually take about five weeks, although larger plots of land may take longer to prepare.

Building Your Modular Home

The construction process for a modular home typically happens much quicker than a traditional home build. This is because the components of your home are built off-site in a factory, and then shipped to your property and constructed by your modular home team. In some cases, the entire home can be constructed in as little as four weeks, depending on the size of the property, its layout, and the fixtures you choose. Compare this to a traditional home build, which can take as long as six months in some cases.

A decreased construction timeline is just one of the many benefits available to modular home buyers in Albuquerque. If you’re interested this innovative and efficient process, our team at Fiesta Homes is happy to discuss your options.

Start by checking out our in-stock floor plans, which range from 16×76 to 28×74 in size. If you’d like more info, be sure to call (575) 525-4680 or contact us online. We can also connect you with a number of financing options to ensure you can afford the home of your dreams on a reasonable budget.

Is Now A Good Time to Buy A Modular Home?

GettyImages 174695682 Is Now A Good Time to Buy A Modular Home?Many people have a dream of building a custom home but lack the funding or resources to see it through. Modular homes are a wonderful alternative, in this case. A modular home is constructed from pre-manufactured pieces, which ensures consistent, quality construction. Not only are these homes more affordable, they can also be erected on a much faster basis. Continue reading “Is Now A Good Time to Buy A Modular Home?”

Pros & Cons of Buying a Manufactured Home

GettyImages 174695682 Pros & Cons of Buying a Manufactured HomeManufactured homes are those that are built within a factory and then transported to a specific location. These homes are usually subject to a much faster construction timeline as compared to traditionally built homes. The building process also tends to be a lot more efficient, since all work is taking place within a controlled environment. Continue reading “Pros & Cons of Buying a Manufactured Home”

What the Future Holds for Modular Construction

%name What the Future Holds for Modular ConstructionIt’s no secret that modular construction is on an upward trajectory. Prefabricated buildings and homes alleviate a lot of the woes and hang-ups associated with traditional construction tactics. As a result, their applications are expanding into many into many different areas of construction. Here are just a few examples of the future of modular construction. Continue reading “What the Future Holds for Modular Construction”

4 Reasons to Consider a Manufactured Home

quality home 4 Reasons to Consider a Manufactured HomeIf you’re renting and looking to make a change, you have more options than just another rental. The dream of home ownership may not be as out-of-reach as you think if you consider a manufactured home.

There are many reasons a manufactured home is a great alternative to a traditional stick-built home.

Manufactured Homes: The Facts

Manufactured homes have come a long way since the days of the trailer. Today’s manufactured homes are secured to a solid steel frame and are titled as real property. And today’s manufactured homes must meet HUD codes, so they meet safety and durability standards for wind resistance, thermal Continue reading “4 Reasons to Consider a Manufactured Home”

High-Quality Mobile Homes—It’s What We Offer

Fiesta Homes is the Las Cruces area’s source for high-quality mobile homes.

But what does it mean to provide high-quality mobile homes?

At Fiesta, it’s more than 20 years of providing beautiful homes from top manufacturers with no hidden fees and full-service installation to our customers.

The Best Mobile Homes

At Fiesta Homes, we carry Karsten, Clayton and Tru modular homes, all Continue reading “High-Quality Mobile Homes—It’s What We Offer”

Are Manufactured Homes the Future of Housing?

manufactured home Are Manufactured Homes the Future of Housing?Although the American Dream has changed, for most people, it still includes home ownership. But, even with the economic upturn and the rebound of the housing market, traditional stick-built homes are still out of reach for many. Even those who can afford conventional homes may still be searching for an alternative because they cannot find the perfect home on the market or are not satisfied with the quality of homes built on-site.

So, if conventional construction is not meeting prospective home owners’ needs, what is?

Manufactured homes. Pre-fab homes that offer unmatched quality and virtually limitless customization options at a more competitive price than stick-built homes are Continue reading “Are Manufactured Homes the Future of Housing?”

The Benefits of Investing in a Manufactured Home During Winter

208 1 The Benefits of Investing in a Manufactured Home During WinterIs this the year that you have decided to make your dream home a reality? You can be in your new home faster than you ever imagined if you invest in a manufactured home now!

Your Manufactured Home Can Be Ready in Days

If you opt for a stick-built home and start now looking to buy or build, your new home will not be ready for months. Common reasons for the lag include: