The Benefits of Investing in a Manufactured Home During Winter

Is this the year that you have decided to make your dream home a reality? You can be in your new home faster than you ever imagined if you invest in a manufactured home now!



Your Manufactured Home Can Be Ready in Days

If you opt for a stick-built home and start now looking to buy or build, your new home will not be ready for months. Common reasons for the lag include:

  • The search for an existing home you like—this likely entails hours of looking at online listings, attending multiple open houses and lots of viewings with your realtor
  • The home buying process—once you find a home you like or have specifications for one you want to build, then you need to get approved for financing, complete the home inspection and wait for the closing date, which may be contingent on the seller’s schedule, not yours
  • Weather-dependent construction—for conventional homes, cold and wet weather will halt construction as will unreliable subcontractors or a general contractor’s lack of proper planning

With a manufactured home, you get to skip all those delays. You still need to get approved for financing, but Fiesta Homes can help, and it’s often easier for modular homes because they are less expensive.

Once you have the financing, then you just need to select your customization options and construction can begin right away. And, construction of your modular home can take as little as two days! Then just a short wait until your new home is delivered to your lot!

More Benefits to Choosing a Manufactured Home

The speed with which you can be in your new home is only one of the benefits of owning a modular home. The controlled construction environment also means:

  • You enjoy superior quality home construction
    The frame of your modular home is never exposed to the elements, and that prevents warping and early deterioration. The absence of shifting during construction also means that your home’s alignment and envelope are of a higher integrity than stick-built homes.
  • You can realize energy cost savings benefits right away
    Superior construction quality comes with benefits you can take to the bank. Your modular home will use less energy to heat and cool and lose less energy, so you can maximize your utility savings.

If you’re ready to make the dream of owning your home a reality now, not months from now, visit Fiesta Homes to see model homes and learn about your financing options.