Can I Move My Modular Home to Protect It from a Natural Disaster?

storm movement 300x201 Can I Move My Modular Home to Protect It from a Natural Disaster?Natural disasters affect every corner of the country, so no home is entirely immune to the threat or emergencies caused by catastrophes like wild fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. However, the threat of property damage that some natural disasters presents may be avoided by modular home owners because your home is mobile.

Types of Natural Disasters That May Be Avoided

In theory, you can avoid any natural disaster by moving if you have sufficient warning. However, rarely do you get sufficient warning. So, the natural disasters that can most practically be avoided are the ones that do provide some kind of advanced warning or are seasonally expected.

Take wildfires, for instance. Wildfires that threaten homes are typically spotted days, possibly even weeks before. In the meantime, crews are working to contain and/or put out the fire, which may extend the window for evacuation and modular home relocation.

If you plan ahead (see considerations below), you may be ready to move with less notice, making it possible for you to relocate your home upon hearing news of an inbound storm and/or flood warnings.

Considerations for Modular Home Relocation

Although modular homes are mobile, they are not easily relocated. It takes quite a bit of planning to execute a move, but saving your home from destruction from a natural disaster is worth the effort. Some preparations required include:

    Interior and Exterior Preparation: The physical movement of the home will trigger whatever is inside to shift. So, you must remove heavy, bulky and fragile items from the house. Since the home will be subjected to high winds (or the equivalent produced by highway travel), exterior decorations and skirting should be removed. Secure any loose item tightly. Explore your insurance options to see if additional coverage for damage during relocation is possible.

    Utilities: Ensure that all utilities are detached before moving to a new site. To avoid injuries, get professional help to handle dangerous utilities such as gas and electricity.

    Moving Companies: Get referrals from people you trust to avoid paying too much or hiring a company that does not have the right experience and/or capabilities to relocate a modular home.

    Get permits: Most municipalities require permits to relocate a modular home. Your moving company may be able to assist you with the process of getting permits for moving and relocating.

You should also familiarize yourself with laws and zoning regulations in the area to which you plan to relocate to avoid fines and penalties.

As New Mexico’s modular home experts, Fiesta Homes can provide you with vital information and resources for homeowners creating a disaster moving plan. Please contact us to learn more.