Are Manufactured Homes the Future of Housing?

Although the American Dream has changed, for most people, it still includes home ownership. But, even with the economic upturn and the rebound of the housing market, traditional stick-built homes are still out of reach for many. Even those who can afford conventional homes may still be searching for an alternative because they cannot find the perfect home on the market or are not satisfied with the quality of homes built on-site.

So, if conventional construction is not meeting prospective home owners’ needs, what is?

Manufactured homes. Pre-fab homes that offer unmatched quality and virtually limitless customization options at a more competitive price than stick-built homes are the future of housing.

What Home Owners of the Future Are Looking For

The manufactured housing industry is positioned for significant growth this year and moving forward because manufactured homes are delivering what home owners really want:

  • Affordable housing
    Compared to stick-built homes, manufactured homes are more affordable. Their lower starting price points make it possible for more people to qualify for financing.
  • Reliable housing
    Manufactured homes offer a level of quality that homes built on-site just can’t match because manufactured homes are not exposed to environmental conditions before the building envelope is complete. So, there is no interior warping or shifting to compromise your home’s integrity. Additionally, manufactured homes are not subject to weather-related delays.
  • Customized housing
    Nearly everything inside a manufactured home can be customized to meet your needs and style preferences. You can get a home that truly suits you and your family without a separate home-improvement loan or line of credit or the hassle of finding contractors to make the modifications or upgrades.

The range in size and floor plans available make manufactured homes an ideal option for every segment of the market—from young professionals to expanding families to retirees.

Find Your Future Home Today

The home of the future is available today at Fiesta Homes. Visit us to view the floor plans and customization options available from top manufacturers, including Clayton and Karsten.