Did You Even Know Modular Homes Came with This Many Options?!

k2760b 300x191 Did You Even Know Modular Homes Came with This Many Options?!Many people in the market for a new home only think of conventional homes. But when you want to make that home distinctly yours, there’s a lot of additional costs associated with custom-building or renovating and existing home.

Modular homes allow you to customize your new home to meet your family’s needs for significantly less! Just imagine the possibilities…

Choose Your Floor Plan

Fiesta Homes carries a number of modular home makes and models, and nearly all of them allow you to customize the floor plan. Get the space you need, whether that’s a modest 629 sq. ft. 2-bedroom/1-bath home or a spacious 2,000 sq. ft.

We have delivery-ready models available, or you can special order from top manufacturers like Karsten, Tru and Clayton.

Choose Roofing, Flooring and Everything In-Between

Modular homes allow you to choose nearly everything about the look and function of your home, and from top brands of features and fixtures that come with extensive warranties. For example:

  • Our modular homes have three-tab shingle roofs with a 30-year warranty.
  • You can select from flooring options like carpet and vinyl in a variety of textures, patterns and colors.
  • You can outfit your modular home with Frigidaire or other top-brand appliances and choose between gas or electric.

Are you ready to customize a new home? Make your idea of home a reality. Contact Fiesta Homes to customize your modular home.