How We Offer the Best Price on Your Modular Home

GettyImages 164113230 How We Offer the Best Price on Your Modular HomeFiesta Homes is the leader in high-quality modular homes in the greater Las Cruces area. We are a family-owned business, and that comes with a lot of benefits for our customers.

Because we are not corporate-owned, we:

  • Keep overhead low, and our low operational costs translate to better prices for our modular homes.
  • Maintain tight profit margins. Of course, we need to make money to stay in business, but we do not apply exorbitant markups to our homes, so they are affordable for most budgets.

The way we do business also benefits homebuyers: Continue reading “How We Offer the Best Price on Your Modular Home”

Choosing an HVAC System for Your Modular Home

Buying a home is an exciting time, and being able to customize every feature makes it even more exciting…or stressful. But, it doesn’t have to be. When you understand your options, like those available for modular home HVAC systems, you are equipped to make the best choice for your comfort and budget.

The Challenges of Modular Home HVAC

Most conventional homes are constructed with an extensive ductwork system that channels treated air from the central air conditioning unit, furnace and/or heat pump to each room in the house. Ductwork and the HVAC units take up a lot of space, and space is Continue reading “Choosing an HVAC System for Your Modular Home”

Why December May Be the Best Time to Buy a Modular Home

In the real estate industry, the holidays typically make for dismal sales. People are too busy hosting and attending parties to house hunt. But, if you can carve out some time between holiday gatherings, December may be the best month to visit Fiesta Homes and shop for your new modular home.

Year-End Buyer Benefits

Like the auto industry, modular home salespeople and firms have quotas and sales goals. As it nears the end of the month and/or calendar year, salespeople are aggressively trying to boost their numbers. Manufacturers are also trying to Continue reading “Why December May Be the Best Time to Buy a Modular Home”

An Affordable Housing Solution

Buying a conventional home comes with many hidden and/or unexpected costs that can make the prospect of owning your own home cost-prohibitive. Rather than settling for the renter’s life or downsizing your dream home until it’s no longer recognizable, consider a more affordable option—a modular home from Fiesta Homes.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Fiesta Homes

Fiesta Homes offers both the modular homes and the services required to make customizing your Continue reading “An Affordable Housing Solution”

Finding a Home for Your Modular Home: Mobile Home Community or Your Own Land?

Owning a home is an exciting and significant milestone in your life, and purchasing a modular home allows you to reach this milestone at a lower cost. But once you’ve decided to invest in a modular home, you face a big decision—where to put it. You may either add your modular home to a mobile home community or buy your own land. Finding the best place for your new home is easier when you know what to expect with each option.

Moving into A Mobile Home Parkhome placement Finding a Home for Your Modular Home: Mobile Home Community or Your Own Land?

Moving into a mobile home park is similar to moving into an apartment or condominium complex. You can expect:

Monthly expense: One of the primary fees you will pay to move into a mobile home community is lot rent. Like rent paid for an apartment, lot rent is usually due on a monthly basis and you do not accrue equity in the property.

Rules: Many mobile home communities have a Home Owners Association that establishes rules and guidelines. These rules are different for every community but may govern things like yard upkeep, pet restrictions, quiet hours and visitor policies.

Purchasing Your Land

If community living seems to restrictive, then you may opt to purchase your own land. With real estate ownership, you can expect:

Monthly expense: Unless you can pay for land outright, you will likely have a monthly mortgage payment on the land. Unlike lot rent, your equity builds as you pay off your real estate loan (which may also include closing costs, taxes and other fees associated with purchase).

Laws: Whereas moving into a park means you already have permission from the state, city or county zoning department to place your home on the land, purchasing your land requires you get permission from the zoning authority. Home size, upkeep and other factors may affect what properties zoning authorities may permit you to put your modular home.

If you are new to home ownership, the experienced team at Fiesta Mobile Homes can help. We have resources that can help you understand your options for modular home location and find the one that best meets your needs.

Trends and New Applications of Modular Construction

Karsten Big Tex 27X76 Floor Plan 3 Trends and New Applications of Modular ConstructionModular homes are built in a factory, then disassembled and put back together on the build site. This process allows manufacturers to control quality of the modular building much more closely, and it is often faster and less expensive than traditional building methods. Since modular construction often uses recycled materials, it is considered a green construction method. These reasons have spurred a renewed interest in modular homes and is widening the spectrum of buildings now using manufactured components.

Global Demand

Demand for modular housing is expected to explode in Asia, Africa and South America. Drivers for such high demand include: Continue reading “Trends and New Applications of Modular Construction”

Did You Even Know Modular Homes Came with This Many Options?!

k2760b 300x191 Did You Even Know Modular Homes Came with This Many Options?!Many people in the market for a new home only think of conventional homes. But when you want to make that home distinctly yours, there’s a lot of additional costs associated with custom-building or renovating and existing home.

Modular homes allow you to customize your new home to meet your family’s needs for significantly less! Just imagine the possibilities… Continue reading “Did You Even Know Modular Homes Came with This Many Options?!”

Our Favorite Three Home Decorating Tips

GettyImages 689372034 2 300x200 Our Favorite Three Home Decorating Tips

There are a lot of ways to make your modular home feel like your home. Fiesta Homes has a number of customization options so that your living space is tailored to your needs and preferences immediately upon move-in. But decorating can further reflect the uniqueness of you and your family. Here are our three favorite home decorating tips. Continue reading “Our Favorite Three Home Decorating Tips”

Modular in Design—It’s an Advantage

featured karsten bigtex Modular in Design—It’s an AdvantageFiesta Homes brings you modular homes from top-quality manufacturers. Because we’ve been in the modular home industry for nearly two decades, we often take for granted people know what we mean when we say “modular.” But new homebuyers or homebuyers who have previously only looked at conventional houses may not know. So, here’s what modular means and what it means for you…

What It Means to be Modular in Design

Products that are modular in design are fabricated using pieces—modules or skids—that are manufactured separately and (re) assembled into the final product in a different location.

Many common products implement modular design, such as: Continue reading “Modular in Design—It’s an Advantage”

Are You Done with Apartment Living?

GettyImages 471771674 300x200 Are You Done with Apartment Living?

With the academic year at an end and people getting “spring fever,” many apartment leases come due and people think about moving. But this spring could be more than simply a change from one multi-family housing complex to another. Why not consider owning your own home? Modular homes are affordable and offer a great value because of their superior construction, and Fiesta Homes can help you find the model that fits your lifestyle, family and budget. Continue reading “Are You Done with Apartment Living?”