Budgeting Tips for First Time Homebuyers

Buying a home for the first time requires a substantial financial investment, one that many new homebuyers are intimidated by. Fortunately, it’s possible to realize the dream of homeownership without risking your financial future. Here are a few smart budgeting tips to get you started.

Calculate Income and Debts

By fully comprehending your current financial outlook, you can better determine how much money you’ll have to invest in a new home. Calculate all sources of income, then deduct any recurring debts you have. Also, consider the expenditures that are commonly part of the homebuying experience:

  • Downpayments
  • Closing fees
  • Moving costs
  • Property taxes
  • Home inspections
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage payments

Your home budget must reflect your financial situation realistically. Even if you can get approved for a larger home loan, it’s important to stay within your means.

Establish an Emergency Savings Fund

Unexpected fees may pop up during the homebuying process, which is why you must have an emergency savings account in place. This account will allow you to cover new costs without affecting your overall budget. Try to take a little bit out of each pay check to place in an emergency fund if your budget is tight.

Limit Usage of Credit

Credit checks are a common aspect of home loan applications. If a lender sees a lot of credit activity in the lead up to the loan application, it could affect their decision. Accordingly, all new homebuyers are encouraged to put off major credit purchases until after the real estate transaction is complete.

Reduce Recreational Spending

If you find it difficult to budget for a new home purchase, you may need to reduce recreational spending. For instance, eating dinner at home can save quite a bit of money on dining out. You can also limit purchases to just the necessities until you’re more confident in your home budget.

Investing in a home is exciting, especially when you have total control over the finished product. Here at Fiesta Homes, we offer new homebuyers a sizable selection of manufactured home floor plans that range in size and design. However, we can also custom tailor a layout to your specific needs.

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