What is Mobile Home Insurance?

A mobile home doesn’t seem very mobile when you consider most remain in one place for decades on end. Why then does it not fall under standard homeowner’s insurance? Why would you even need mobile home insurance if you could have standard homeowner’s insurance instead? Consider a few details before you start a search for the right policy to match your home and see why mobile home insurance differs from other types of policies.

Mobile Homes Are Built Differently

Mobile homes are made from different materials than traditional site-built homes. While the modern manufacturing processes of mobile homes give them an extremely high standard of material and durability, they are not built in the same fashion as a traditional home. This means that they require a different sort of policy.

Typical mobile home insurance policies will cover damage caused by fire, wind, landslides, water leaks, lightning, falling objects and other natural events. This can be exceptionally important in areas prone to storm damage as mobile homes are generally not as durable as most site built homes. Burglary and vandalism are often included in a mobile home insurance policy to cover damage that may occur if your home is the target of criminals.

Keeping Your New Home Protected

If you purchase land and wish to have your home transported, your standard policy will not cover any damage done to your home during the process. However, at Fiesta Homes, we cover your home until setup is complete – so if anything happens during delivery or set-up, we’ll take care of it and make things right.

As with any insurance policy, you should take the time to examine what is available to you and choose a provider that will offer the best protection. Investigate policies and make calls to gather all of the information you can to make sure you’ve selected the policy that gives your home the protection it needs.