The Pros and Cons of Modular Homes

The past decade has seen many changes in what types of properties can be considered “home.” From the tiny house revolution to innovations in pre-fab and modular construction, there are lots of exciting choices to consider as alternatives to traditionally site-built timber-frame homes. Modular home construction has benefited from new technology and hybrid materials, and prices have correspondingly tumbled. For those of you considering a modular home, here are a few of the pros you should consider:


  • Today’s modular homes are a stylish alternative to the mobile home, with up-to-date profiles and fully customizable floor plans
  • Using the latest technology, modular homes are more energy-efficient to produce and to live in than conventional homes.
  • Although built to the same construction codes as conventional homes, modular homes have a smaller footprint, making them more environmentally friendly
  • Because modular homes are built indoors rather than on-site, delays and overages caused by the weather are eliminated
  • Efficient design and construction techniques make modular homes much less expensive than a traditionally built timber-frame home


Savvy home buyers should also consider potential drawbacks to modular homes, such as:

  • Size limitations resulting from the indoor construction and need to be transported to the actual home location
  • Need for a contractor who specializes in modular home construction and installation (i.e. not any general contractor as many GC’s do not have the right expertise)

For most prospective homeowners, the pros of modular homes far outweigh the cons. If you think a modular home may be the right choice for you and your family, contact the experts at Fiesta Homes. We’ll answer your questions and help you explore your options for customizing a high-efficiency, attractive and budget-friendly modular home.