Trends and New Applications of Modular Construction

Karsten Big Tex 27X76 Floor Plan 3 Trends and New Applications of Modular ConstructionModular homes are built in a factory, then disassembled and put back together on the build site. This process allows manufacturers to control quality of the modular building much more closely, and it is often faster and less expensive than traditional building methods. Since modular construction often uses recycled materials, it is considered a green construction method. These reasons have spurred a renewed interest in modular homes and is widening the spectrum of buildings now using manufactured components.

Global Demand

Demand for modular housing is expected to explode in Asia, Africa and South America. Drivers for such high demand include:

  • High population growth
  • Urban space constraints
  • Energy and cost efficiency
  • Environmental impact

Faster, less expensive and environmentally responsible building materials and methods make modular housing an excellent solution for developing areas.

Modular Skyscraper

Manufactured homes are no longer just for trailer parks and rural development. Instead, modular building techniques are now being used to build skyscrapers and multi-story housing complexes. In Brooklyn, NY, a 32-story apartment building currently holds the distinction of being the world’s tallest modular home. Its success will most likely spur similar projects, and not just in big urban centers.

Modular Custom Builds

Modular housing is increasing in popularity with “regular” homebuyers, too, because it allows for greater customization at a lower cost.

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