How Will Modular Homes Be Used in the Future?

The modular home trend has been steadily increasing since the first kit homes were developed in the early 1900s. Modular homes are composed of different factory-built components (or modules) that are shipped to a construction site and assembled for the homeowner. This style of building offers many benefits; it’s cost-effective, consistent in quality, and entails less labor when it comes to construction process.

Because of their ingenuity, modular homes are projected to play an important role in society going forward. Here are just a few of their potential future uses.

To Solve Housing Shortages

Far too many young people today see the prospect of homeownership as an unattainable dream. This has much to do with exorbitant housing prices around the country, along with a shortage of suitable houses. In this case, modular houses are much more affordable for most people, especially when compared to the cost of traditional home construction. And because they can be shipped anywhere, they’re suited to both urban and rural areas, both of which can experience a dearth of appropriate housing for many different reasons.

To Address Homelessness in Urban Areas

As cities become more and more populated, homelessness becomes a bigger issue. Dealing with this problem can be difficult, especially when attainable housing and resources are in short supply. Some officials propose prefab housing as a solution. Prefab houses can be designed, built, and erected rather quickly, allowing cities and municipalities put up additional structures on a diminished timeline. While homelessness is a complex problem that can’t be solved via housing alone, prefab structures ensure vulnerable people are having their basic needs met.

To Enhance Sustainability

Modular house manufacturers often use recycled materials when constructing components, which decreases the environmental impact of these homes. These houses can also be designed for maximum energy-efficiency, from windows and doors to interior insulation. As a result, prefab homes are the sustainable choice for people concerned with limiting their impact on the environment. Enhanced energy-efficiency also reduces utility costs exponentially.

To Support Space Travel

While it may be still be a long way off, NASA and other space agencies around the globe have their sights set on interplanetary colonization. In fact, NASA is so committed to finding a solution to interplanetary habitation that it developed a competition to find the most suitable structures for life on the moon. 3D printed habitats, which use a very similar design and construction process as modular homes, are a front-runner thanks to their efficient construction and reasonable cost.

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