Is Now A Good Time to Buy A Modular Home?

Many people have a dream of building a custom home but lack the funding or resources to see it through. Modular homes are a wonderful alternative, in this case. A modular home is constructed from pre-manufactured pieces, which ensures consistent, quality construction. Not only are these homes more affordable, they can also be erected on a much faster basis.

When Is the Best Time to Build My Modular Home?

With traditional home construction, the spring and summer months are usually best. This has much to do with long construction schedules. Very few workers appreciate toiling for hours in cold temperatures, which is why many custom home builds take place during the warmer months.

This is not the case with the construction of modular homes, for a very simple reason. Components of these homes are delivered to the work site already intact, so the remaining process of constructing the separate pieces occurs at a much faster pace. Accordingly, a modular home can be completed in as little as 16 weeks depending on its size. In comparison, a conventionally built home can take as long as 37 weeks or more to complete.

What If I Want to Increase the Size of My Home Later?

Creating additions to a conventionally built home can sometimes be as labor-intensive as new home construction itself. This is a challenge faced by many young couples with growing families, who may need to increase the size of their homes over time. Some families may even choose to sell their custom home in order to buy a larger property.

Growing pains are much easier to deal with when you have a modular home. It’s easy to expand your home by adding on more components, which will be pre-constructed and shipped to the work site. It will also take less time for you to make additions. This limits disruption to your daily life, which is a huge issue with conventional home renovation.

Whenever you decide to purchase your modular home, working with a trusted manufacturer is crucial. Fiesta Homes has held a reputation for quality homes and service for more than two decades. We offer a variety of floor plans to suit many different budgets and tastes. We can also customize some elements of your modular home to ensure you’re satisfied.

Feel free to contact us online if you have questions. You can also call 575-525-4680 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable representative in Las Cruces today. We look forward to helping you acquire the home of your dreams!