Guide for New Mexico Manufactured Housing Codes, Regulations, and Requirements

If you’re thinking about purchasing a manufactured home in New Mexico, you’re making a wise investment. Manufactured homes offer the same benefits as conventional houses, but often at a more reasonable price point. Because due diligence ensures the best possible outcome for your investment, here are a few things to keep in mind regarding local codes and regulations.

Factory Inspections

Manufacturers must undergo regular factory inspections to ensure they’re meeting the standard of quality set forth by the New Mexico Manufactured Homes Division. Quality control increases the chance that the finished home will meet and exceed the expectations of the buyer. It also prevents possible safety issues if there are problems within the manufacturing process.

Home Installation Requirements

To ensure the safety and security of homeowners, New Mexico has strict standards regarding the building and installation of manufactured homes. Standards cover a wide range of topics, including site preparation, permitting, foundation construction, drainage systems, electrical supply, and other crucial aspects of manufactured home construction. You contractor can explain installation requirements in greater detail.

Lot Selection

Lot selection is a major consideration when purchasing a manufactured home. The lot you choose must be properly zoned for residential housing. It must also have access to essential utilities, such as water and sewer. You’ll also need to secure financing for the lot itself, in addition to the purchase of the manufactured home. This process is a bit different than conventional home purchases, so it helps to work with a realtor that has experience with land sales.

Tenant Rights

You can also choose to situate your home within an existing mobile or manufactured home park. In this case, the lot owner would be the landlord and you would be their tenant, even though you own the manufactured home you live in. As such, you will enter into a lease agreement with the lot owner that contains certain terms. In addition to your obligations, the lease agreement will also provide rights regarding eviction and other landlord-tenant issues.

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