Best Modern Manufactured Home Floor Plans and Layouts

One of the best parts about buying a manufactured home is your ability to choose the layout. In addition to traditional floor plans, there are lots of new modern selections that offer both form and function to homeowners. Here are a few plans that are emerging in popularity to give you a bit of design inspiration.

Open Design

Open layouts in the home are said to encourage communal living. Even if you and your family are all working on separate tasks and activities, you’ll still all be together in the same space. Open layouts also offer benefits to families with young children in the home. The lack of walls ensures you can keep your eyes on your kids as they play, which provides parents with so much peace of mind.

Split Bedrooms

Privacy is a big deal in the home, especially when you have a large family. Split bedrooms allow you and your loved ones to have a respite away from the rest of the home, making your bedroom like a personal oasis. This design entails placing the master bedrooms on one side of the home, while the other bedrooms are placed on the other.

Separate Dining Room and Kitchen

If you frequently entertain guests, a well-planned dining room is a must. Separating the dining room from the kitchen ensures you have a dependable workspace while also providing guests and family a beautiful room to enjoy lavish meals. Formal dining rooms are all the rage these days as people look for ways to spend more quality time at home.

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