Choosing an HVAC System for Your Modular Home

Buying a home is an exciting time, and being able to customize every feature makes it even more exciting…or stressful. But, it doesn’t have to be. When you understand your options, like those available for modular home HVAC systems, you are equipped to make the best choice for your comfort and budget.

The Challenges of Modular Home HVAC

Most conventional homes are constructed with an extensive ductwork system that channels treated air from the central air conditioning unit, furnace and/or heat pump to each room in the house. Ductwork and the HVAC units take up a lot of space, and space is

a precious commodity in modular homes.

In order to provide the indoor comfort homeowners expect without taking up space that could otherwise be used for storage or living space, HVAC systems need to deliver performance with a smaller profile.

Most Common HVAC System Options

There are two main options for space-saving HVAC systems:

  1. Split system
    A split system has an indoor and an outdoor component. The indoor component acts as an air handler, forcing treated air into each room in your home. Split systems are becoming a popular option in conventional homes because of their effectiveness and energy efficiency.
  2. Package system
    A package system is similar to a heat pump because it acts as both an air conditioner and heating system. To conserve space, it is installed outside or on top the roof and only minimal ductwork is required to deliver the treated air.

Both HVAC systems offer good energy efficiency, and New Mexico’s temperate climate extend the longevity of package systems. 

HVAC Systems to Avoid

In an effort to eliminate ductwork and minimize HVAC unit size, some people may think that window AC units and/or space heaters are adequate for modular homes. But that is not the case.

Although modular homes may be smaller than some conventional homes, a single window unit is not powerful enough to heat or cool the entire home. Installing several window units (even those highly rated for energy efficiency) will use more energy than a central system. Window units or stand-alone units also present increased safety risks, and it is difficult to find maintenance and repair service for them.

Home Customization Assistance

The experts at Fiesta Homes can help you select the features, fixtures and appliances that will deliver the functionality and look you want while staying within your budget. Contact us to speak to an experienced representative who can help you understand all your customization options.