Clearing Misconceptions About Modular Homes

A modular home is built in an indoor factory, transported to a site and assembled there. The prefabricated pieces are put together to create a fully functional, beautiful home. However, there are still numerous misconceptions about modular homes: they depreciate in value, they’re not as strong as stick-built homes, they all look alike, etc, etc. The truth is a different story!

Modular Homes Depreciate in Value

Because of the durability and the care taken in constructing modular homes, they actually appreciate in value, much in the same way as a stick-built home. Once they’re fully assembled, it’s nearly impossible to tell a modular home from a traditionally constructed house. This allows them to gain value the same way any stick-built home does.

Modular Homes Are Sturdy

First popularized in the 1950s due to the demand for homes after World War II, modular homes are still being used today. And some of those homes constructed in the 1950s are still standing and appreciating in value with every passing year. Modular homes are specifically constructed for durability—many are constructed to withstand up to 175 MPH winds—and the manufacturers need to ensure their homes keep a reputation for quality.

Modular Homes All Look Alike

Just like traditionally built homes, modular homes can be exactly what you want. When you speak to a manufacturer to choose your home design, you have thousands of designs to select from. Additional features can be added; you can customize doors, windows, siding, colors and more. Any choices you make for your modular home make it your home and as unique as your family.

With all of the features available, the durability and the appreciation in value that modular homes offer, it’s no surprise that they’re as popular today as they were in the late 1950s when they first became available.