4 Tips for Packing Electronics

Moving is rarely ever stress-free, but there are steps you can take for a smoother process. This is especially true when it comes to your electronics devices, which require a little care and consideration to keep them intact. Here are a few tips to help you on your next big move.

1. Pack Items in the Original Boxes

The original boxes your electronics came in are the ideal size. They also contain durable inserts to prevent items from moving around while they’re in transit. Packing delicate items in their original boxes is also just more convenient, so try to keep them handy when you purchase new items.

2. Keep Cords and Accessories Organized

It can be a nightmare trying to figure out which cord goes to which electronic item. Before disconnecting everything, take a picture of the cords and accessories connected to the device to reference later. Wrap cords neatly and try to include them in the box with the electronic equipment. If you can’t, place them in another box and clearly label the contents. You can also place colored stickers on the backs of items and corresponding cords.

3. Use the Right Packing Materials

If you can’t find the original boxes, be sure to use reliable packing materials. Bubble wrap, foam peanuts, and sheets ensure items have enough cushioning when packed into boxes. Packing tape is also crucial, so make sure the tape you choose is rugged and durable. Packing items securely will keep them safe in transit by preventing cracked screens and other issues.

4. Make a Master List of Your Electronics

It’s easy to become discombobulated on moving day. You may even overlook a few boxes or lose track of them when transporting items. A master list of your belongings, including your electronics, will ensure you keep track of everything. When creating the list, number items and label boxes according to the numbers on your list. This will make for easier identification when unpacking at your home.

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