Single-Wide Vs. Double-Wide Mobile Homes: Which Is Right for Your Family?

Mobile homes offer so much to the modern homeowner. These properties are affordable, which means they can help people realize their dream of homeownership. Mobile homes are also highly versatile, so you can decide on the layout and décor.

You must also decide between a single and double-wide home. Both offer numerous benefits, but your family might be better suited to one model over the other. Here are a few key differences to consider to help you make an informed decision.

Single-Wide Mobile Homes

When it comes to size, single-wide homes come in a large variety. However, the standard size is usually 72 feet by 15 feet, which provides 1,080 square feet of living space. This is ideal for single people and young couples just starting out. It’s also good for people who are investing in a home on a smaller budget, as single wides are incredibly affordable.

The narrowness of these homes does limit layout options. However, they can be decorated with the fixtures and features you demand for comfort and convenience. Because they’re smaller, these properties can also be constructed on relatively small lots, or even within a mobile home park.

Double-Wide Mobile Homes

On the other hand, a double-wide home can offer as much as 2,300 square feet of living space. These properties are much closer to traditional stick-built homes when it comes to their size and layout. Homeowners can opt for individual rooms or an open floor plan, which creates a communal feel in your home.

The downside is that double-wide homes require more land during installation and construction. They’re also a lot more expensive than single-wide models, which means home buyers will need a larger budget to secure one. Double-wides are an amazing investment for larger families and people who want ample living space within their properties.

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