How To Select The Best Manufactured Home Floor Plan

If you want to realize a lifelong dream of being a homeowner, investing in a manufactured home is a smart choice. With a manufactured home, you have a lot more control over the end result than when you purchase a home that’s already been built.

One major decision you’ll need to make is what type of floor plan you’d like to see in your new home. Most manufacturers offer a wide range of floor plans, each of which provides distinct benefits depending on your needs. Here are a few things to consider when deciding which floor plan works best for you.

Consider Your Family Size

Your home must be able to accommodate your family, both now and in the future. While a one- or two-bedroom home will be fine when it’s just you and your spouse, what will happen after you have a child? The bigger your family, the more room you’ll need, so make sure you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to that topic. Even if you don’t plan on having children any time soon, you should consider choosing a layout with at least two bedrooms. That extra bedroom can be used as a guest room, gym, home office, or hobby area.

Set Your Budget (and Stick to It)

While family size is a major consideration, your budget is equally so. Keep in mind that you’ll be responsible for more than just mortgage payments. You’ll also need to cover utility costs, home insurance, maintenance, and other expenses. When crunching the numbers, make sure you add in all costs to determine the most accurate budget. And once you’ve arrived at that number, don’t deviate from it. Even if you can get approved for a larger loan, doing so will not be in your best interest if you’re unable to keep up with your payments.

Ask for Help

Choosing the right floor plan is a major decision, and it’s OK if you don’t feel like you can make it all on your own. Discussing your family size, budget, and other considerations with a knowledgeable sales representative will help you make the most informed decision. When working with a reputable manufactured home retailer, you’ll have a wide range of floor plans to choose from in various price ranges and layouts.

With more than two decades of experience, Fiesta Homes is the obvious choice when seeking a manufactured home in Las Cruces. We believe in offering our customers as many options as possible, which ensures you can find a floor plan just right for your needs. When it comes to budget, we’ll help you find a suitable financing option to ensure you can afford the home of your dreams.

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