How To Make a Small Home Appear Larger

Investing in a smaller home makes sense for many families, especially those just starting out as homeowners. However, you can still enjoy the appearance of a sizable property by making the right design choices, without incurring a massive cost. Here are a few smart techniques to utilize to create the illusion of a larger property.

Hang Mirrors Strategically

Mirrors are ideal for bouncing light around a home, which can really open up the space. However, mirrors can also create the illusion when hung strategically. The type of mirror can also make a difference, with larger, oversized mirrors the best for enhancing the size of a room. Mirrors should also be hung at eye level and situated across from a source of light, whether that’s a light fixture or a window.




Take a Minimal Approach to Décor

Placing a lot of oversized furniture in a modestly sized home will give it a cramped and cluttered appearance. Instead, choose streamlined pieces that suit the space, and choose these pieces sparingly. Minimalism is a great option for smaller properties, it ensures there’s plenty of space between furniture and other décor items, which is key for maintaining a light and airy atmosphere.

Purchase Multi-Purpose Furniture

You can get away with a minimalist approach more efficiently when you’re choosy about furniture. For example, tables and couches with hidden storage keep your home organized without unnecessarily taking up space. Convertible tables are another good option, as they can expand into a larger piece of furniture when entertaining guests.

Use Light Paint Colors

Remember that lighter paint colors, such as white, light grey, and pastel shades, are ideal for opening up a room. On the other hand, darker colors will make a room appear closed off and fail to reflect the light adequately. If you want to use a dark shade, reserve it for small embellishments or even an accent wall, which is a small part of the home that is styled differently from the rest of the space.

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