How Large Should Your New Home Be?

The size of your home can have a major impact on your enjoyment of the property. If your home is too small, you and your loved ones will feel cramped and closed in. If the property is too large for your needs, you’ll be faced with high utility costs and other unnecessary expenses.

These issues highlight why homebuyers must consider property size among many other factors. Here are a few tips to determine the best size for your new living space.




Square Footage vs. Family Size

The needs of homebuyers vary greatly from family to family. For example, you may desire a little more room than you need to ensure space for home offices and playrooms. On the other hand, you may be downsizing your current property and desire a smaller space after de-cluttering your existing home.

The general rule says that for a comfortable living space, there should be at least 600 square feet for every inhabitant. That means a four-person family should have a home that measures at least 2,400 square feet.

The Number of Bedrooms

You can also estimate the preferred number of bedrooms in your new home using the size of your family. If your family consists of you and a spouse, one bedroom will likely be sufficient (although a second bedroom can always be converted into an alternate space).

If you have children, you will obviously need one bedroom for every child to make for a comfortable living situation. However, if you plan on expanding your family in the near future, an additional bedroom is recommended to ensure you have space for a nursery.

Storage Space Is Crucial

The amount of storage space you have in your home can also affect how comfortable the property is for your family. While needs can vary, you should have as many closets as there are bedrooms in your home, plus two extra closets to be safe. The extra closets can be used for coats, linens, and household supplies.

When it comes to the actual size of each closet, each one should provide a minimum of 48 inches of rod length for every person who uses the closet. Rod length refers to the metal rod that’s used for hanging clothing. As for rod height, standard adult clothing needs about 45 inches of space, while children’s clothing requires about 30 inches.

One of the many amazing things about manufactured homes is that you can determine the size and the layout of your new property. Here at Fiesta Homes, we offer home buyers a variety of floor plans in a range of sizes to ensure our customers find exactly what they’re looking for. We can also customize a floor plan to your unique needs. Speak with a representative today by calling 575-525-4680 or contact us to learn more.