Tips on Downsizing Your Home

While downsizing sometimes has negative connotations, the process can actually be quite freeing. If your current home is too large for your needs, transitioning to a smaller space can save you money and headaches. You may also find that you enjoy your new smaller home much more due to the ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Downsizing means you’ll need to make smart decisions about your belongings, namely what to keep, what to donate, and what to get rid of. This guide explains how you can make these decisions in a reasonable and efficient manner.

Take an Inventory of Your Current Home

Go room to room and make a list of every single contained within. Make your list as comprehensive as possible so you have a good understanding of what you own. You can also place belongings into special categories, such as lighting, electronics, furniture, etc. You’ll probably be surprised to see the full number of belongings you actually own. Many people accumulate things over the course of their lives without even realizing they’re doing it.

Discard or Donate Duplicates

You don’t really need two of anything, so duplicates are the obvious place to start. If you’re having trouble deciding on which duplicate to get rid of, discard the one that is older or shows more wear. If both items are in relatively good condition, consider donating duplicates to a local charity or thrift store. That way you can feel good about the downsizing process.

Consider the Usefulness of Items

It’s not uncommon to have quite a few things laying around your home that you don’t actually need. While belongings with sentimental value should be kept indefinitely, other items might be cluttering up your home needlessly. With makeup and toiletries, consider expiration dates. For example, mascara should be discarded after six months, while lipstick should be replaced after one year.

Clothing is another area to apply time limits. Anything with the tags still on that’s never been worn can be donated. Clothing that doesn’t fit and that you haven’t worn in six months or longer should also be given away. Use the same approach with appliances. Blenders, food processors, and toaster ovens that have sit unused for long periods should probably be discarded.

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