A Guide to Winterizing Your Home

Dealing with cold weather is never fun for homeowners. From lack of interior comfort to frozen pipes, you may find yourself dealing with all sorts of bothersome issues as winter arrives.

Taking steps to winterize your home before problems occur is the best way to avoid the headaches caused by snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. Here are a few smart steps you can take.

Enhance Weather Protection on Doors and Windows

Drafty doors and windows cause problems in many households. Along with decreasing coziness, drafts also reduce energy efficiency and increase HVAC costs. In this case, a little weather stripping can go a long way towards a more comfortable home. You can also check for gaps around these fixtures and fill them in with silicone caulking, which also offers protection against water intrusion.


Schedule a Furnace Inspection

Your furnace is an essential fixture during the winter, so it must function as expected. A furnace inspection allows you to address any small problems before they get bigger, while limiting the extent of wear on equipment. A furnace repair specialist will also make recommendations, such as updating to a smart thermostat for greater efficiency and cost-savings in the home.

Have a Plan for Snow and Ice on the Roof

Leaving snow and ice to linger on your roof greatly increases the risk of leaks and other issues. That’s why homeowners must remove snow in a timely manner using the appropriate equipment. For instance, a brush with a telescopic handle allows you to easily remove snow without needing to climb onto a ladder. You must also guarantee that gutters are cleared of debris to allow moisture to run off the roof as snow melts.

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