How To Choose Flooring For a New Home

Designing your own home is an exciting prospect. However, there are many decisions to be made, from interior paint color or wallpaper to the best type of flooring for your needs.

When it comes to flooring choices, you must consider function as well as aesthetic appeal. Certain types of flooring work best in certain situations. The following are a few considerations to make when choosing floors for your new home.

Low Maintenance

Low-maintenance systems typically only require regular sweeping and light mopping, as opposed to waxing, staining, sealing, and other measures. In this case, vinyl is a great choice. It’s highly resistant to discoloration and water intrusion. It also holds up well against dents and scratches, while being able to mimic the look of other flooring systems, such as hardwood or tile.


Pet-friendliness equates to flooring that is resistant to water and scratches. In this case, porcelain or ceramic tile is your best bet. These materials are non-porous and durable, which makes them a good match for claws and nails.

Finished hardwood flooring is prone to scratching, but damage can usually be buffed out easily. If you love hardwood in the home and have pets, keep their nails trimmed and use runners/throw rugs wherever possible to mitigate potential damage.

Moisture Resistant

Carpet and hardwood are poor choices when moisture exposure is a concern. Water can damage carpet fibers and contribute to mold growth, while moisture will seep into hardwood and potentially cause warping and deformation.

Accordingly, top picks for kitchens and bathrooms are tile, including ceramic, porcelain, and vinyl. Concrete is another possible option, although its applications are limited in the home due to concerns about aesthetic appeal and comfort.

Flooring selection is just one of the many options you get when working with Fiesta Homes. We offer a wide variety of floor plans to choose from to accommodate families of all sizes. We also customize homes to suit your exact needs.

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