Essential Smart Home Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

What was once considered the stuff of sci-fi movies is now common in many homes all over America. Home automation is all about making your abode more convenient and secure. With the help of a digital assistant and Wi-Fi capable devices, you can enjoy a home experience beyond what you ever imagined. Here are a few smart home gadgets every homeowner needs.

Video Doorbell

A video doorbell allows a good view of any person trying to enter your home. Some models can also provide alerts, use voice control, and store video for later viewing. Video doorbells are an affordable way to boost security at your home without installing a more expensive system.

Dog Camera

Have you ever wondered what your pooch was up to while you’re away? With a dog camera, you never have to wonder again. Devices can automatically trigger on when the dog barks to alert you to any possible security issues. Some also have two-way audio capability, so you can talk to your pet when you’re away from home.

Smart Thermostat

Are you tired of sky-high cooling bills during the summer? If so, your home is sorely in need of a smart thermostat. Set the temperature of your home from anywhere using any handheld device. Program a high temp while at work and set it lower just before you return to ensure maximum comfort. Greater control over your thermostat reduces energy usage, but it also prevents unnecessary wear on HVAC equipment.

Smart Bed

Sleep is a huge component of health and wellness. Smart beds offer insightful features that allow you to track metrics regarding sleep quality and length. Biometric sensors collect information and send it to your mobile device for your review.

Robotic Lawnmower

If lawn work is not your favorite thing in the world to do, it may be time to automate. A robotic lawnmower uses GPS to mow grass and trim weeds for a truly hands-off experience. You can even schedule the lawnmower to automatically cut the grass on certain days.

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