Why Consider Factory-Direct Ordering

GettyImages 471091557 Why Consider Factory Direct Ordering

Finding the perfect home isn’t easy. If you’ve tried the traditional real estate market, you’ve likely spent months going from one house to another in the hopes that the next one will have all of the features you want…but it never does. Of course you could build your custom home, but what if your budget just does not have room for such a sizable mortgage payment?

When you can’t seem to find or build your dream home, you don’t have to settle. You can get the exact home you want when you order your modular home factory-direct.

Factory-Direct from Whom?

Fiesta Homes offers modular homes from the most popular manufacturers, including:
• Karsten
• Clayton
• Tru

And while every manufacturer has standard floor plans, you are not stuck with pre-determined layouts. You can customize your floor plan to meet your needs and preferences.

What Else Can You Customize?

Customized floor plans are just the beginning. With factory-direct ordered modular homes, you can choose just about everything in your home, such as:
• Paint colors for siding, walls and trim
• Bathroom and kitchen fixtures
• Cabinet and drawer pulls
• Lighting fixtures
• Flooring

Of course, too much choice can be overwhelming. Fiesta Homes makes it easy with galleries showing your options, including some of the most popular choices and combinations.

When you want to make a house your home without breaking the bank or taking on a huge renovation project, come to Fiesta Homes.