3 Interior Decorating Tips For 2023

In addition to choosing the best manufactured home layout for you and your family, you should also consider how to design the interior of the property for maximum enjoyment. Fortunately, there are lots of design trends emerging in 2023 to provide interior inspiration. Here are a few trends to consider if you’re currently making over your home.

Deep, Rich Colors

While neutral colors have dominated interior design for some time, rich, bold colors are all the rage these days. Deep shades of red, blue, and green can create an elegant atmosphere within the home, especially when used in living rooms and bedrooms. And if you’re not comfortable painting an entire room a bold color, you can use them for accent walls and in smaller areas, such as hallways.

Multi-Function Rooms

Multi-function rooms are especially beneficial in smaller homes with limited space. For instance, living rooms can also include space for a home office, while kitchens can be used as a dining area as well as a place for meal preparation. If you have kids, their rooms can provide a place for sleeping, as well as an area for studying or play time. You can designate different areas by using certain fixtures, such as bookshelves or curtains.

Workstations in Kitchens

Kitchen workstations are ideal for serious home chefs. These include things like built-in strainers within sinks, dual basins, and special faucets to make filling pots easier. These features are highly practical in that they make cooking for friends and family a breeze. However, workstations are also designed to afford them maximum amount of aesthetic appeal to a kitchen. Accordingly, you’ll love the look and function of your kitchen once the update has been made.

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