5 Ways to Be a Smart Modular Home Buyer

GettyImages 471771674 300x200 5 Ways to Be a Smart Modular Home Buyer

Buying a new home is exhilarating, but it can be nerve-racking, too. Unlike conventional homes, the modular home buying process is often more similar to the car buying process. Just as you prepare yourself before you head to the lot, you should do the same before heading to a modular home seller. Here’s how:

1.Make Sure You Know What You Want

You can do a lot of research before you even see a modular home model. Find out what manufacturers have a good reputation, what types of features you want in your new home and what features are considered upgrades that may drive up the price. Know what features and bottom lines are not negotiable so that you do not enter the modular home-buying process vulnerable to sales tactics that may put you over budget.

2.Investigate Your Financing Options

Before you decide to visit a modular home dealer, know what your financing options are from your bank, credit union or manufactured housing lenders. If possible, get pre-qualified for financing before you go to buy your modular home to make the process even smoother.

3.Make Sure You Carry Out Price Comparison On Manufactured Homes

Once you know what manufacturer, model and features you want in your modular home, you can find comparable prices by looking online or calling local dealers. This ensures you know what is (or is not) a fair market price and when you have room to negotiate.

4.Make the Dealer Take You Seriously

When you arrive at the dealer’s, let them know you are serious about buying and able to do it soon. If they know you are ready to close a deal, they will work with you to make that happen because a sure sale benefits them, too.

5.Make Sure You Know What Voids The Warranty

Just as you need to know what you want in your new modular home, also know what you want to do with it and where you want it located. In some cases, moving or selling the modular home can void the warranty. Improper site preparations can also make you liable to cover any damages. Your dealer can help you understand the warranty terms.

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