Modifiable, Modern Modular Homes

wonder exterior Modifiable, Modern Modular HomesOne of the best things about owning your own home is knowing that you can add on to it whenever your family’s needs change. You can add on a room, several rooms or even an entire story if your family’s lifestyle changes to require more space. But if you’ve gotten a modular home, can you make changes to it the same way you would a traditional home?

You can!

Modular Additions

The best part about modular building is the speed with which it’s done. You don’t have to wait a year or more to have the addition completed or put on your home. Some can even be completed in less than ten days!

Modular building constructs the addition in the factory, just as modular homes are built, and the addition is transported to the site. The modular addition is either put on the prepared space or on the home being modified—in the case of second story additions—and all of the necessary work is completed without your entire home needing to be pulled apart. You can have the home of your dreams without leaving the neighborhood you’ve come to love.

What About Modifying Modular Homes?

Just like traditionally built homes, modular homes can have additions to create more space for a growing family. The process is largely the same; modular homes function just as well as traditionally built houses even through renovations. You can start with the model floor plan you’ve always wanted, have your home ready in less time than traditional building can manage and then later add on as your family needs.

A dream home isn’t something you have to give up your current home for, nor is it reserved only for traditionally built homes. Modular homes and modular building provide long-lasting results with as much flexibility in design and renovation as anything that’s built from the foundation up!